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“What the single eye sees” Book Reviews

“I have spent a delightful week reading and pondering Dr Jarvis’ book. His skillful use of scripture, testimony and personal vignette resonated with my heart. His words awaken joy for things present and a determination to embrace faith, hope, and charity. Bill Boren”

○ William R. Boren

★★★★★, Resonates with the heart

“A thoughtful perspective on discipleship “What the Single Eye Sees: Faith, Hope, Charity & the Pursuit of Discipleship” goes far beyond anything I’ve read on how to become a disciple of Christ. With the author’s considerable background in service and leadership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he brings a depth of understanding and a humble perspective on what discipleship really means. I found his examples compelling and filled with wisdom. I was able to identify many areas in which I could improve–but felt encouraged and supported in those aspirations. This is an extremely well-written book that provides a doable, inspiring guide on how to live a better life and become a more devoted disciple.”

○ Kathryn Jenkins

★★★★★, Perspective on what discipleship really means

“In What the Single Eye Sees, Dr Jarvis provides the reader with a unique perspective of the journey of discipleship. As a serious student of the scriptures and trained physician as well as young missionary and Latter-day Saint Bishop, he provides contemporary insights regarding ones quest to internalize the Savior’s teachings of faith and hope, compassion and charity, particularly as we reach out to others, seeking Jesus’ grace. He insightfully explores the nature of personal conversion, of obtaining and sustaining a spiritual witness. Reading this book has motivated me to more diligently reconcile my daily living with my discipleship of the Savior.”

○ Kent W. Farnsworth

★★★★★, He insightfully explores the nature of personal conversion

“In this rich and readable text, Joseph Jarvis delves into the role that faith and hope play in the reader’s view of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. While the book is based in philosophies and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the principles taught here are generalizable to every Christian belief or faith. When we study scripture with a true desire to know and understand the mysteries of God and Jesus Christ, new horizons open to us and confirm our faith from a perspective we might not have considered before. Jarvis’s perspective of these truths helped me to “see” things in a light that I had not considered in my 70 years of life and study of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A truly remarkable work of research and explaining the gospel in plain English that should be both reaffirming of one’s faith or helpful in building a sound foundation of gospel knowledge.” ○ M. E.

★★★★★, Seeing is Believing

“Whether you’re reading about principles you already understand or learning new things in this book, I find it inspiring, calming, and reassuring! Dr. Joe’s insights brings new meaning to seeing with “an eye single” to the atonement and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ!” ○ Mark Hurst

★★★★★, Inspiring, Calming, & Reassuring

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